We are an award-winning Creative Planning, Styling & Production company based in Victoria, British Columbia. We bring bold, beautiful, unique weddings and celebrations to life. We love handling the teeny tiny details that come together to create a memorable day for you and your guests.

We had only 3 shorts weeks from planning to wedding day. Emma had everything in control to the point, that on the wedding day, I didn’t think about a thing.

Carolyn & Derek

… Emma’s attention to detail and truly creative touches were what made this such a special day for all of us. Francesca

We had the great pleasure of experiencing a perfect day on our wedding day… our whole experience has been such a gift which will forever stay etched in our memory.

Mirjana & Scott

… I was absolutely blown away by Emma’s attention detail, creativity, professionalism, and perfection. She was able to bring my visions to life and then some! Claire


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 featured this week by our friends over at @modernweddingmagazine - follow the link in their profile to check out these two stunners, their awesome (and hilarious!) bridal party, bouquets of cascading orchids, and one of my favourite @ruthanddean cakes ever, all captured by @kgoodphoto - need I say more?!  #featured #bridalpartygoals  They say behind every successful woman is a group of other successful women who have her back... and I couldn't agree more! So, in the spirit of International Women's Day, meet one of the most successful (and creative!) women in my life  Like Chelsea, Stacey has been one of my biggest supporters (and closest friends!) since the start of my company's journey. Stacey plays a huge role in the behind the scenes preparation, planning, and creation of some of our biggest projects. She typically takes the lead on day of signage and custom handlettering projects as well as floral styling when we don't have one of our local florists on site and this week she's been creating the most beautiful set of sketches for an upcoming event! A high school AP art teacher and the mother of two of my favourite little people, Stacey is one of the most talented, patient, and kind people I know! #bossbabes #internationalwomensday #iwd2017 #sheinspiresme
 all eyes on the bride  whether it's wedding day... or just a site visit! love this sneaky behind the scenes capture by the bride's bestie @storyof.mar || #behindthescenes #sitevisit  it takes a team to plan & produce every single one of our weddings and celebrations, so I thought it was time to introduce a couple of the ladies behind the scenes! affectionately nicknamed "the drill sargent" by the coordinator at one of our favourite venues, Chelsea has been by my side since day one, whether it's late nights, tall ladders, or last minute seating chart changes, she's always right there with me... and often a step ahead! last year Chelsea took on the role of lead producer/coordinator for our month-of clients and this season she'll be running the show much of the time. In her day-to-day life, Chelsea is an elementary school teacher with a classroom, full of DIY projects, that's always decked out for every season and holiday! white wine, family, and felines are a few of Chelsea's favourite things... though not necessarily in that order! #bossbabes #clipboardsareherfavouriteaccessory || :@dragonflightphotography
 you know when it's sunny and blue skies for like 3 hours and you're basically in full blown summer mode? that was me this afternoon  windows down, walk at the beach, patio doors open letting the breeze in! I seriously considered snapping open a Corona to celebrate. fast forward a few hours and I'm freezing cold because I let all the heat out of our house during my "it's finally spring moment!" and now I'm huddled up under my blanket doing emails and savoring a glass of red wine... #realitycheck #takemesomewherehot || today's warmer days shot brought to you by the talented @dragonflightphotography from a pretty oceanside anniversary picnic last summer  Happy Saturday!!! nothing says "it's the weekend!" more than a team of besties with their beautiful bride, matching floral robes, and warm morning sunshine  I see sunshine and blue sky outside this morning so I'm off to do a few quick emails before a hike with Goose! these ladies (and that light ) captured perfectly by @kgoodphoto  || #bridesmaids #happysaturday
 this grey and rainy Wednesday evening calls for a little romance. I love this shot and the little details captured - holding her dress, holding his hand  #itsthesimplethings #isitsandalseasonyet || :@kgoodphoto  Flower Friday!  you can expect some floral filled posts and insta-stories over the next few days... #fleursdevilles 2017 starts on Wednesday and @platinumfloraldesigns has something awesome planned. Last year after working for hours & hours on the mannequin's intricate skirt we were so loopy we were plotting her untimely demise... but I feel like I forgot all that when I offered to assist again  can't wait to see what our friends over at @lynda.marie @decoratevictoria @brownstheflorist among others are up to with their mannequins! all the details ➡ @fleursdevilles || #florallove
 embracing springing ahead and hints of a blue sky this morning... with peep toes, floral print, and a armload of pretty tulips ⚘ all set to go for meetings this Sunday morning #springisintheair #tulipsfordays  an oldie, but a goodie  one of my favourite shots from a floral crown crafternoon that @platinumfloraldesigns & I hosted in a beautifully restored downtown heritage space in the spring of 2015. it was our very first time working together and only our second time meeting in person. lucky for us, it truly was the start of an amazing friendship and many fun projects & beautiful events! @elementphoto ✒@lauralavender :@bonmacaronpatisserie || #crafternoon #tofriendship
 business cards repurposed as office decor... that's a win  today's looking like a work day for me - mixed with a hike with Goose & Ryan, several cups of hot water with lemon (current favourite!), and take-out & Netflix tonight. All the reasons why I love Saturdays! #alittleworkalittlelife :@dragonflightphotography  cake for breakfast  just kidding! there's none left  we definitely polished this beauty of a birthday cake off last night!!! to celebrate our birthdays, my sister-in-law and I requested something chocolately from the queen of cake (aka @ruthanddean)... we got nanaimo bars piled high and almost died of excitement. #cakeforbreakfast #cakewithaview #nanaimobars